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WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
ICANN Home Page
ES-NIC Registro de dominios delegado en Espańa
nic.at Homepage
SWITCH Domain Name Registration Welcome
RIPE NCC Homepage
ASO Home and News
CENTR Homepage
IANA Home Page
Internet Architecture Board Home Page
IETF Home Page
IRTF Home Page
Internet Societal Task Force
Internet Society (ISOC)
Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Domain Name Supporting Organization
IANA Country-Code Top-Level Domains
APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
American Registry for Internet Numbers ( ARIN )
ccTLD Constituency main page
NOIE - ICANN - Governmental Advisory Committee home page -
Asia Pacific Domain Name Forum(New Name) - Asia Pacific Top Level Doma in Forum(Old Name)
North American Top Level Domain Organization Home
The International Association of Top Level Domains
IANA Root-Zone Whois Index by TLD Code


Brazil (in Portugues)
Mexico - Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI)
USA - United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
Hong Kong - Industrial Property
China - State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China (Chinese, English)
Canada - Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Office de la propriété intellectuelle
Belgium - Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs
Croatia - State Intellectual Property Office - Državni zavod za intelektualno vlasništvo
Denmark - Patent- og Varemęrkestyrelsen Patent- og Varemęrkestyrelsen Forsiden
Europe - European Patent Office (Deutsch, English, French)
Finland - Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus
France - INPI Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle
Germany - DPMA (Deutsch)
Greece - Industrial Property Organisation
Italy - Italian Patent Office (English, Italian)
Luxembourg - Gouvernement du Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Portugal - INPI (Actualizado em 20 Jan 2000)
Romania - (English, Romanian)
Slovenia - Slovenian Intellectual Property Office - Urad RS za intelektualno lastnino
Spain - Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
Sweden - PRV - Patent- och registreringsverket
Switzerland - Eidgenössisches Institut fuer Geistiges Eigentum
United Kingdom - The UK Patent Office
Austrian Patent Office - österreichisches Patentamt (German)
Hungary - Hungarian Patent Office
Iceland - Einkaleyfastofan - Lindargötu 9, 150 Reykjavķk
Brazil - INPI
Thailand - Ministry of Commerce - Intellectual Property Department
Netherlands - Bureau IE (Dutch, English)
Turkey - Türk Patent Enstitüsü (Turkish Patent Instutite)
Georgia - Georgian Industrial Property Organisation
Peru - Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual
Singapore - IPOS Main Page
Slovak Republic - Śrad priemyselného vlastnķctva Slovenskej republiky
Korea - Korean Patent Office
Malaysia - Malaysian Patent Office
Norway - Patentstyret
Australia - Australian Patent Office
Eurasia - Eurasian patent organization (English, Russian)
Europe - European Trade Mark Office - OAMI-ONLINE (Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Spanish)
Indonesia - Intellectual Property
Japan - Japanese Patent Office (English, Japanese)
New Zealand - Intellectual Property Office
Russia - Intellectual Property Office
Czech Republic - Intellectual Property Office
Monaco - Site of Monaco at the EPO
World - WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
[Andorra] [ Intellectual Property ] [English, French, Spanish]
Poland - Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
German Federal Patent Court
Benelux Trademarks Office

Search Facilities

Delphion Intellectual Property Network - Search patents of the world
Intellectual Property Digital Library
INPI Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle
AU PatCite  
BR Tropical databases 
CA (CIPO)   
bibliographic data of Canadian patents and patent applications since October 1989 
CN Jiangxi information institute of science and technology  
CN bunsan-service 
CH Data Star 
COM Dialog Corporation 
COM CM Derwent Internet Resource Links 
COM Questel-Orbit Patents and Trademark Welcome Page 
full text search of all US-Patente since 1974; free search in abstract and bibliographic data 
COM SPO Patent Services 
free full text search of patents 
COM Lexis-Nexis  
COM MicroPatent 
COM Shadow Patent Office 
COM STO's Internet Patent Search System 
patent titles, abstracts and IPC codes 
DE German Patent and Trademark Office Bulletin in the Internet  
EPO Espacenet  
free online patent search idocuments of the EPO member states 
DE European Coating Patents Database  
DE Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (STN)  
IN Patent & Know-how Information Division  
JP Japan Patent Information Organization (JAPIO)  
JP patolis-web 
bibiliographic data and abstracts of all US-Patents since 1976  
US AIDS Patents Project 
AIDS-related patents  
US Patent Citation Database  
bibliographic data and citation information of all US-patents since 1975 
US Biotechnology and patents 
US IBM Patent Server Home Page 
free full text search of patents and view of first page of patents since 1974 
Thomson & Thomson 
Trademarks Online 
US Patent Office


United Kingdom - The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents - CIPA - Home Page - CIPA, patents ,trade marks, designs, copyright, patent attorneys,
Switzerland - VIPS-ACBIS
Sweden - Association of Patent Attorneys in Swedish Industry - Svenska Industriens Patentingenjörers Förening
France - CNCPI The list of the French Industrial Property Attorneys - cncpi, compagnie nationale des conseils en propriété industrielle
Europe - EPO patent attorneys database
Germany - German Patent attorneys database - Patentanwaltskammer
New Zealand - Worlwide Listing of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
Italy - Italian Patent Attorneys database
Österr. Patentanwaltskammer - Austrian Chamber of Patent Attorneys
International oriented IP-related information from the Netherlands
Directory of International Sites Related to Patent Law
Newsgroup alt.inventors
Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristenvereinigung
Deutsch-Chinesische Juristenvereinigung
Deutsch-Französische Juristenvereinigung
Deutsch-Japanische Juristenvereinigung
Deutsch-Niederländische Juristenvereinigung

Other Sources

Europe - CORDIS Community Research & Development Information Service (Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Spanish)
Europe - Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk - Homepage at Cordis
United Kingdom - UK Network of Euro Info Centres
The European Commission - Internal Market DG - old homepage
The Anti-Counterfeiting Group
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
WTO Welcome to the WTO website
FTP Directory ftp--ftp.unicc.org1500-
Wegweiser Online-Recht
Biotechnology Patents
Patent Express - Document Supply Service
Strategic Patent Resources on the Net
IP worldwide
Law Journal
Patent-net (German)

Legal Resources

Die Zentralstelle Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz (Zoll) im Kampf gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie
Central Authority For The Protection Of Industrial Property Rights
Zentralstelle Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz (Zoll)

International Associations

Europe - epi European Patent Institute - Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO
World - IFIA - the International Federation of Inventors' Associations
Europe - epi European Patent Institute - Institute of Professional Representatives before the E
Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES)

Other sites we like

Patitia, intellectual and industrial property, international partnership
E.S.A. - European Space Agency
Institut für Geophysik
Online Courses and Education for Ezine & Newsletter Publishing
Reiseservice - Verbindungsanfrage
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Internet Software Consortium - BIND
Take23 news and resources for the mod_perl world
GreatBridge.org - the open source community for serious business software
Internet Geography Project
SYSTRAN - Homepage
Ethnologue, 14th edition, 2000
Yahoo! Government Embassies and Consulates
Unicode Home Page
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